Cable testing and diagnostics with the BAUR PHG 70 TD

The combination of the PHG 70 programmable test generator with the BAUR dissipation factor measurement system produces the cable testing and diagnostics system PHG TD. It is operated via PC control. Dissipation factor measurement and diagnostic testing sequences can be programmed in the menu, after which the dissipation factor measured values are automatically determined in various voltage steps and a final evaluation is conducted.

  • Biggest dynamic range of tan delta measured values from 1 to 10-4 with a cable capacitance >10 nF to 20 uF
  • High resolution +/- 1x10-5 applicable even in new PE/XLPE cables
  • Insensitive against interferences due to complete mains separation
  • Lowest time required for assessing a medium-voltage cable (3-phase approx. 1 hour)ès-Kelly-ebBB9lwQ