ITS Lite software (Software for insulating oil test)

BAUR software for measurement data management ITS Lite

The BAUR software ITS Lite is used to read, design and archive measurement logs of the DPA 75 C, DTA 100 C, DTA 100 C, DTL C BAUR oil testers.

  • Automatic archiving of measurement logs in PDF format and as text file (*.txt)
  • Structured storage and allocation of measurement logs
  • Customised layout of measurement logs
  • Fast and uncomplicated access to measurement data


  • Automatic reading of measurement logs from BAUR oil testers DPA 75 C, DTA 100 C, DTA 100 C Inline and DTL C
  • Save measurement logs in PDF format or as text files (*.txt) on PC
  • Fully automated insulating oil testing in combination with DTA 100 C Inline
  • User interface, measurement logs and user documentation available in 10 languages
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