Dissolved Gas Analysis with automatic degassing unit According to IEC 567/ASTM 3612

    Features and Benefits:

  • One-touch operation
  • Fully automatic procedure
  • Multi-periodic vacuum degassing
  • Full TOGA analysis (11 gases) and Total Gas Content
  • Automatic transfer of gas sample
  • Easy calibration of the whole system with traceable calibration gas
  • Accurate measurement of total gas content
  • Most sensitive detection for Acceptance- Service- and Routine tests (0,1ppm)
  • Adaptable for Factory Transformer Heat-Run tests
  • Ideal solution for laboratories and workshops
  • Auto-sampler available for 16 – 32 samples for unattended operation
  • Expert System for quick and easy conclusions Evaluation according to: IEC 60599, Roger ratios, Duval etc.
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