XMTC Panametrics Thermal Conductivity Binary Gas Transmitter

A thermal conductivity gas transmitter for use in the following industries applications:


  • Metals Industry : H2 in N2 atmosphere in metal heat-treating furnaces
  • Electric Power Industry : H2 in cooling systems for generators
  • Petroleum Industry : H2 in hydrocarbon streams
  • Chemical Industry : H2 in ammonia synthesis gas , H2 in methanol synthesis gas , H2 in chlorine plants
  • Methane Industry : CO2 in methane
  • Landfill/Biogas Industry : CO2 in biogas , CH4 in biogas
  • Gas Production Industry : Purity monitoring of argon, hydrogen, nitrogen and helium
  • Food Industry : CO2 in fermentation processes


  • Ultra-stable glass-coated thermostats
  • Single or dual gas push-button calibration
  • PC interface package for digital output
  • Type IP66/4X construction
  • ATEX, IECEx, FM and CSA certified for Zone I and Division 1 hazardous areas
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